Swan Lake 8a Office Complex

The Swan Lake 8a Office Complex is just outside of Headingley on the 8a Reserve.

The Office Complex is home to 24 organizations and offers boardroom rentals.

It is managed by First Nation Focus Realty Inc.

Current Tenants:
Swan Lake First Nation
Northwind Distribution Inc.
Cochrane Saxberg Law
Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc.
Stacey Soldier Law Corporation
Dakota Ojibway Health Services/Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
Oodanooketoh Inc. & Wawsuum Energy Inc.
RBC Royal Bank Commercial Financial Services Aboriginal Markets
North Sky Consulting
Clear Direction
SLFN Enterprises
P3W Consulting
Southern First Nations Network of Care
First Nation Focus Realty Inc.
Dakota Ojibway Community Futures Development Corporation
Dr. Hoy
Treaty Land Entitlement Committee of Manitoba
Implementation Monitoring Committee
Manitoba First Nations Casino Trust
Beddome/Longclaws Law CORP.
Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc.

To inquire about Office Space or to rent a Boardroom, contact:
Phone: (204) 294-3936
Email: cheryl@firstnationfocusrealty.com
Mail: 300-200 Alpine Way Headingley, MB R4H 0B7


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