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Swan Lake First Nation

The story of Swan Lake First Nation begins long ago. In 1876, Chief Yellowquill and his followers settled on Swan Lake First Nation Reserve.

Swan Lake First Nation is located in South Central Manitoba along junction Highway #23 and #34. SLFN people are known as Anishinabe people, meaning “original-peoples”; their native language is Saulteaux (Wikipedia, 2011). SLFN is divided into four areas: SLFN #7, which is the main reservation; #7a Carberry which consists of residential and commercial developments; #8 Indian Gardens, ¾ of which is under agricultural lease and #8a Headingley which will consist of mainly commercial developments. A recently settled Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) with the Federal Government has enabled them to expand their land base for future developments.

With regards to governance, Swan Lake First Nation is signatory to Treaty 1, which was established in 1871 between Queen Victoria and various First Nations residing in South Eastern Manitoba (SLFN, 2011). An elected Chief and Council who are voted by community members in a two-year political cycle govern SLFN; their elections are still administered by Section 74 of the Indian Act. However, the community would like to extend its political cycle.

In terms of economy, SLFN is located on prime agricultural land and thus has a robust agricultural economy. The economy also consists of: a commercial buffalo ranch, two gaming centres, Spirit Sands Casino, Kitchi-Nodin Wind Farm and Four Corners gas bar and convenience store (SLFN, 2011). Swan Lake also has Indian Springs School, and a Health Centre. The community has a population size of approximately 1266, with 710 members who live in the community and 556 who live outside the community, some in other provinces and countries (SLFN, 2011).

SLFN is working towards their vision of having a healthy, prosperous and self-sufficient community. Completed community projects include the Kitchi-Nodin Wind Farm, Youth Camp, as well as the new Band Office development. The recycling depot is completed, however it needs programming to truly reach its potential.


Courtesy of Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada
Official Name: Swan Lake
Number: 293


Registered Population as of June, 2018

Residency # of People
Registered Males On Own Reserve 232
Registered Females On Own Reserve 256
Registered Males On Other Reserves 8
Registered Females On Other Reserves 10
Registered Males On Own Crown Land 0
Registered Females On Own Crown Land 0
Registered Males On Other Band Crown Land 0
Registered Females On Other Band Crown Land 0
Registered Males On No Band Crown Land 1
Registered Females On No Band Crown Land 0
Registered Males Off Reserve 421
Registered Females Off Reserve 505
Total Registered Population 1,433

Our Reserves

Main Reserve – Swan Lake
8,982 Acres

Forest Hills – Carberry
6,514 Acres

Indian Gardens – Rathwell
640 Acres

25 Acres