Swan Lake First Nation

Treaty No. 1 | 1871

Swan Lake First Nation (SLFN) is located in South Central Manitoba along junction Highway #23 and #34. SLFN people are known as Anishinabe people, meaning “original-peoples”; their native language is Saulteaux. SLFN is divided into four areas: SLFN #7, which is the main reservation; #7a Carberry which consists of residential and commercial developments; #8 Indian Gardens, ¾ of which is under agricultural lease and #8a Headingley which will consist of mainly commercial developments. A recently settled Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) with the Federal Government has enabled them to expand their land base for future developments.

Chief &

The First Nation community is governed by an elected Chief and four Councillors.


SLFN Enterprises was established to to create Own Source Revenue and Employment for the Swan Lake First Nation


The Land Management Program is funded through the Reserve Land and Environmental Management Program.

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